Customer Centricity – you may see this term all over the websites of varying organizations, within company strategies, and in mission statements, but, what does it mean? Furthermore, why is it such a wide-spread term and how can it help to improve your business? At Elite Farms, this method is at the forefront of our business model, and we attribute a lot of our success to it. By focusing on creating long lasting relationships with our clients and providing for their needs, we ultimately help ourselves as a business.

What is Customer Centricity?

Customer centricity is about running your business according to the demands of the real boss – the customer. This provides both profit gain and competitive advantage over companies that focus more so on numbers and solutions to more technical problems. As Leslie Cottenje explains, “Companies that are customer-centric put their customers at the center and make decisions that ensures their customers are happy. When being a customer-centric company every line of thought, every action and every process starts with your customer.

A business that is customer-centric is a business that cares most about the satisfaction and opinions of its customers and uses that as the building blocks upon which it functions. This means that every action taken begins with the customer and changes being made are also based on the customer.

How can the Customer-Centric approach benefit your business?

The best way to create repeat business is by basing your decisions on what keeps the customer happy – this ensures that they come back time and time again because they know they can rely on you for satisfying their needs. Think about your favorite restaurant. You go back to them because they give you what you like every time you go, and so you find yourself going to the same restaurant for years or ordering the same item at a specific place for long periods of time. This is applicable to your business as well no matter what kind. Customer Centricity makes you dependable and reliable.

Our world has become highly digitized meaning that people talk- and they talk online. Talking online has the potential to boost the exposure of your company dramatically, for better or for worse. It only takes one post from one person that goes viral to make or break you. Making sure each and every customer is satisfied with your service ensures that when word is being spread about your business, it’s positive and will contribute to profit gain.

Ultimately, showing your customers that they are valued is the best way to grow your business. The individual will feel satisfied with your service and feel compelled to spread the word themselves which is good (and free) publicity for your company. Give it a try and watch your business transform before your eyes!