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About Elite Farms

The Elite Farms company is a wholesale distributor specializing in fruits and vegetables. Elite Farms is located in Brooklyn, New York. Since its founding in 2006, the company has experienced tremendous success as a result of its tireless dedication to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products to the Northeast region. While seasons play a major role in the agriculture success in the region, the staff at Elite Farms works tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that all their retailers favorite produce is still available year round even if not readily available from local farmers. This requires tons of efficient shipping and import schedules as well as an extensive attention to detail. At Elite Farms they never want to let their customers down and in order to make that a reality they need to ensure that the warehouse is always stocked (even when the New York streets haven’t been plowed post-blizzard yet.)

Although the company sells just about every fruit and vegetable, their main fortay is supplying berries to stores throughout the region, a practice that is typically very difficult given the short shelf life. Berries are not just sensitive based on seasons, but also environmental pressures in general. Therefore, Elite Farms needed to master the perfect ecosystem to store and maintain their berries until their customers could purchase them and get them on their own shelves. The process doesn’t stop there of course though. Given the company’s dedication to their customers and retailers, they always want to offer the longest possible shelf life at peak freshness.

Today the organization has more than three-hundred customers, and it looks forward to continuing to grow and supply the Northeast area with fresh produce. The team is also excited to be able to grow their areas of expertise as their company continues to grow and connect with new customers.

Avi Yusufov founded Elite Farms in 2006. Avi’s father immigrated to the United States from Israel in 1987. As a child, Avi worked in his father’s supermarket. During this time, Avi had an intimate look at what it takes to run a grocery store and the many eccentricities of handling fresh produce. It was clear to the Yusufov’s early on that their own success was intricately connected to the success and relationships they built with producers and wholesalers.  As a businessman, you want the best for your clients so it is essential that the companies you work with feel the same way about you. In a lot of ways you depend on them and relinquish some of the control that could make or break your business in their hands. Given Avi’s personal experiences, he understands the gravity of what he does for his customers. They really do count on him and he takes pride in the fact that himself and the team at Elite Farms always deliver.

As a child, he spent many nights traveling with his father to Philadelphia, Boston, or the Bronx terminal markets to purchase fresh produce for the following day. This early experience with his father taught him the value of working hard. You can’t achieve without effort and drive. It also taught him that success in business requires dedication and commitment to every customer. Many members of Avi’s family are business owners as well, something they all take great pride in. In fact, a large percentage of the businesses that Elite Farms serves are privately owned by Avi’s friends and family members. This tight-knit circle pushes the Elite Farms to the next level. They never want to let their customers down, but they also know their family and friends will absolutely let them know if they don’t deliver on their promises. It’s that sense of accountability that has pushed a lot of the growth and customer service elements of Elite Farms.

Of course running a business always comes with challenges, but over the past twelve years Avi and his team have shown customers that Elite Farms is one of the best wholesalers in the region. One way that Elite Farms sets itself apart from competitors is by providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables possible. Some sellers in the New York area get their produce from Philadelphia or the Bronx market; however, the quality is often not equal to what Elite Farms can offer. Given their national and international reach, the company always offers top of the line products, year-round.


Experienced sellers understand the value of high-quality products which is why Elite Farms has so many happy clients. Another aspect that separates Elite Farms from its competitors is its competitive market prices. Quality will always come first, but the staff loves being able to offer their products at fair rates. Afterall, their customers’ success is now their success.

Today organic food is becoming more and more popular. With this health conscious, quality push, the company is excited about the chance to accumulate more organic producers to satisfy their clients’ needs. Plus, it keeps the fresh fruits and vegetables they love so much that much more natural and undiluted by preservatives and chemical pesticides. The organic movement feels like a step in the right direction. Elite Farms looks forward to meeting customer demand by supplying more organic products in the future.

Elite Farms receives products from numerous locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Growers and producers are an essential part of the wholesale business. They make the products after all! As a result, Elite Farms loves creating strong connected relationships with their growers in order to be informed and effective when re-selling the products to their retail clients. A clear line of communication ensures that everyone is well informed and alleviates any potential gaps for confusion. Given the host of food allergies and dietary restrictions in the twenty-first century, the growing process has become more important now than ever.

Another beautiful and convenient aspect of working with such a wide and encompassing network of growers is that it has access to an extensive variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Elite Farms and their clients depend on that ability to gain access to any type of produce no matter the time of year. It’s also a luxury main sellers can’t always offer their clientele.

The majority of Elite Farms’ customers purchase large orders that are shipped on large pallets given their own extensive client base; however, some customers also visit the warehouse to purchase smaller orders. The company wants to cater to customers of all sizes and help them grow their own enterprises. Small business are after all how the Elite Farms company all began.

Elite Farms is committed to supplying customers with fresh, quality produce on a daily basis. The company looks forward to continuing to carry out this mission to buyers throughout the Northeast region and maybe one day beyond.

As the business grows, they want to be able to create more avenues for the Elite Farms team to connect with their clients and successfully fulfill their needs. This website/blog and their social media properties are just one new way they have begun to achieve this goal. They are also always accessible by phone at (347) 820-1900 or at the warehouse now located in Brooklyn at 101 terminal market.

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