If you’re just beginning to embrace a healthier diet, you may find that your fresh produce isn’t lasting as long as you hope. This doesn’t mean you have to go grocery shopping every day. There are tricks you can employ to help you keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time.

Keep Lettuce Fresh and Green

The reason your lettuce is turning brown so fast is that the moisture is causing it to wilt faster. To avoid this, place the lettuce in a sealed bag with a paper towel. The towel will collect the moisture, so your lettuce will stay green and crisp.

Storing Half of an Avocado

Exposing the inside of an avocado to the air introduces a process known as oxidation, which causes the meat of the avocado to turn brown. While this can’t be avoided altogether, you can delay this effect for a day or two. Simply spritz the inner portion of the avocado with juice from a lime or lemon. The citric acid staves off oxidation.

Resist the Urge to Cut Your Lemons

Often, a recipe for a meal or a drink calls for a pinch of lemon juice. The popular method is to cut the lemon in half and store the halves in the refrigerator, after squeezing out what you need. This causes the entire lemon to dry out and makes it unusable later. Instead, puncture the rind with a fork or skewer to squeeze out what you need. The rest of the lemon will stay fresh.

Some Foods Should Not Be Refrigerated

If you think refrigeration is necessary for keeping all produce fresh, think again. In particular, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes should never be refrigerated. Instead, find a cool, dry storage space for them. This will help them stay fresh for longer and will ensure they retain their flavor.

Don’t Refrigerate Unripe Fruits

Typically, farmers pick fruits before they’re fully ripe, believing they will ripen en route to the store. This is why it’s so common to find unripe fruits in the produce section. You may buy them with the idea that it will take longer for them to ripen and that will help you keep them fresh. While this is true, you’re sabotaging that plan by refrigerating them. Instead, let them ripen naturally on a counter at room temperature. Once they ripen, you can move them to the refrigerator.

These tips can help you hang onto your produce for longer, ensuring you get the best use out of them. Additionally, some grocery stores share storage tips near each display, so be watchful for them. Keeping your produce fresh can save you money and help you eat more fresh foods.