August is officially in swing, and with it comes some delicious garden treats! These fruits and veggies absolutely flourish in summer and taste their best in August, which is why you seriously don’t want to miss out on them. Check out our 7 favorite August produce picks:

1: Plums

These delicious fruits are great with any meal. Their sweet and tart flavor lend it to a variety of dishes, including desserts, jams, and salads. Each plum is only 30 calories, and it provides a healthy dose of vitamin c and fiber!

2: Peppers

Whether you prefer mild bell peppers, or you like to live the wild life with Carolina Reapers, now is the time to harvest and enjoy all those delicious peppers! Not only do peppers contain vitamin c (how much depends on the pepper), but spicy peppers can help you to lose weight!

3: Corn

Corn is at its sweetest in the summer months. You will find big, beautiful ears full of plump, tasty kernels as August approaches. August corn is probably the most delicious way to get your dietary fiber! As Rochelle Bilow instructs, “If you absolutely can’t get to it the day you buy it, just keep it loose in your fridge. To preserve corn, blanch and shock it, then dry completely and freeze—or pickle it!

4: Raspberries

With some fruit, you pick them as they come and let them ripen off the vine. That doesn’t work with these babies. It’s best to let them stay on the plant until August – when they’re perfect for a sweet and healthy burst of awesome! The best part? These guys are chalked full of vitamin c!

5: Eggplants

If you’ve got a smooth, shiny eggplant that feels heavy for its size – get it! That’s when it’s at its peak. Not only are they delicious, they are an amazing source of fiber, and they’re low-calorie! This hearty vegetable also acts as a great substitute to give your vegetarian friends the protein boost they need.

6: Melons

Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe are all at their peak in August. They’re super sweet, juicy, and ready for you to dig right in. Not only will this help to keep you hydrated in the summer heat, it’ll give you a great boost in vitamin c! Plus their hearty nature allows you to prep them early and have your melon ready to go when you need it.

7: Tomatoes

You can tell the difference between an out-of-season tomato, and a tomato that was grown during peak seasons. Chowing down on a few garden fresh, summer ripened tomatoes is one of the purest joys in this world. They’re full of antioxidants and vitamin c.

There are so many delicious fruits and veggies – be adventurous this month!