In case you haven’t heard, we are in peak cherry season here in the states. Given the short growing season and shelf life, the Elite Farms team wants to make the most of the occasion. Here are a few of our favorite cherry infused recipes for you to make the most of the season.

Something Sour

First, we need to clarify that while cherries are delicious in their own right, the tart ones are typically best served in a dish. As described in Huffington Post, “Sour cherries are actually pretty sour on their own. Some people can tolerate eating them, but they’re really best for baking into pies and tarts or cooking into jams or relishes.

We’ll let you decide your side as far as the great pectin debate, but we will say, it’s not always the easiest option for first-time jammers.

For the newcomers, we recommend this no-pectin cherry jam here. And for the pectin savants, check this ‘over the top’ cherry jam recipe.

Something Sweet

Okay so that title may have been a bit misleading, but sometimes there’s no need for cooking, especially when it comes to sweet cherries. Packed full of flavor, a handful of these guys might be just the sugary fix you were looking for. They also add a nice dimension to more bitter flavors like coffee or dark chocolate.

Invest in a little flavored ice cream (or vanilla if that’s more your speed) and whip up some candied cherries. It’s a simple recipe and add-on that can knock your sundae out of the park. Plus this recipe stays fresh in the fridge for up to 6 months.

Take it to the Grill

While the Elite Farms team sometimes forgets, summer isn’t just for peak produce seasons; it’s also prime time for grilling. We love this cherry barbecue sauce to spice up this summer barbeque staple. As Joshua Bousel describes it, “While all the main barbecue sauce characteristics are there—tomato base, vinegar tang, sweet molasses—the cherries add a deep fruitiness that gets well embedded. It’s noticeable, yet a little hard to discern at the same time. The cherries are paired with ancho chili powder, which gives an earthy spice, along with the very distinctive white pepper.” Then lather it on your favorite protein and your cookout is good to go.

When all Else Fails – Cherry Pie

As conventional as cherry pie may seem, there’s a lot of ways for you to add some pizzazz.

The first step is finding the right cherries. Take it from the professionals though, “You can bake with any cherries you wish, but if you’re looking for that characteristic cherry pie recipe, there’s only one type of cherry you should be using — and that’s sour (or tart) cherries.

For kids, these mini cherry pies are a real crowd-pleaser. Plus who doesn’t love a bite-sized treat that tastes this good?

For a classic, check here.

Last but not least – enjoy!